Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Shortest Distance

I can't believe it took me this long, but I finally ransacked my personal collection to see if I could find any poems by Beat women hiding amongst my various anthologies. So this is what I've got on hand, without even leaving home:

The New American Poetry 1945-1960 , edited by Donald Allen

Poem by Helen Adam
"I Love My Love"

Poem by Madeline Gleason
"Once and Upon"

No More Masks! An Anthology of Poems by Women, edited by Florence Howe and Ellen Bass

Poems by Helen Adam
"I Love My Love"
"The House o' the Mirror"

Poems by Diane Di Prima
"The Quarrel"
"Moon Mattress"

Poems by Lenore Kandel
"Bus Ride"
"Blues for Sister Sally"

Out of this World: An Anthology of the St. Mark's Poetry Project 1966-1991, edited by Anne Waldman

Poem by Helen Adam
"Deep in the Sub-Way"

Poems by Diane Di Prima
"Poem in Praise of My Husband"
"Night Life in Casper"
"Waikiki Room, Minneapolis"

Poems by Joanne Kyger
"This dance"
"I don't want to repeat"

Poem by Janine Pommy Vega

Poem by Patti Smith
"Ladies and Gentleman, Blaise Cendrars Is Not Dead"

Poems by Anne Waldman
"Crack in the World"
"Tell Me About It"

A Secret Location on the Lower East Side: Adventures in Writing, 1960-1980, by Steven Clay and Rodney Phillips. This book is based on a 1998 exhibition from the Berg Collection at the New York Public Library.

There are no poems in here, but this book is a history/sourcebook of small press printing, with a lot of documentation of Beat women's contribution, such as:

1958 LeRoi Jones and Hettie Cohen started the little magazine Yugen
1961 LeRoi Jones and Diane di Prima started the mimeo magazine The Floating Bear
1964 Carol Berge's The Vancouver Report published by Fuck You
1965 Joanne Kyger's The Tapestry and the Web published by the Four Seasons Foundation
1966 Angel Hair magazine, edited by Anne Waldman and Lewis Warsh (In 2001, Granary Books published an anthology of selected materials from the magazine, Angel Hair Sleeps with a Boy in My Head: The Angel Hair Anthology)
1966 Lenore Kandel's The Love Book published by Stolen Paper Editions
1967 The World literary magazine edited by Joel Sloman, Anne Waldman, and others
1968 Janine Pommy-Vega's Poems to Fernando published by City Lights
1968 Diane di Prima's Revolutionary Letters published by Communications Co. (and back in print starting July 30, 2005!)
1970 Anne Waldman's Giant Night published by Corinth Books

A Secret Location acknowledges the behind-the-scenes editing and administrative work that many of these women contributed, in addition to their own writing, in order to produce the wealth of small press magazines that were being printed during the 1960s. A lot of the books and magazines above are now out-of-print, and A Secret Location on the Lower East Side is worth it just to see the covers reproduced.

Finally, Shaman Woman, Mainline Lady: Women's Writings on the Drug Experience, edited by Cynthia Palmer and Michael Horowitz. This anthology includes writings by and biographies and photographs of Bonnie Frazer [Bremser], Diane di Prima, Lenore Kandel, and Anne Waldman.


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